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People love to talk about their gardens and landscaping ideas, and you will find all sorts of free advice and tips forthcoming when you ask. Our bird friends can save us lots of headaches by combing our gardens for cabbage worms, whiteflies, aphids, earwigs, grasshoppers, cucumber beetles and grubs! If they did exist at all, they were still in gardens. I love to blog everything about flowers and gifting. Q. I love the idea—the visual image—of you marching around with cut flowers, marching around your colleagues’ areas of Chanticleer, holding them up. LandscapingHardscaping is the term used to describe solid materials and elements implemented into traditional and modern landscapes to diversify them, makes them more practical and amp up outdoor living areas. This configuration is particularly winsome for home-owners who tend to use their outdoor areas to entertain or host functions, as the rattan outdoor furniture will make for an excellent seating area for guests who wish to rest their weary feet. Your vegetables will flourish just as well by using organic products and by being in the know and applying organic pest/disease control. However, one key to successful gardening is to know your vegetables requirements and to do so, proper research is a must.

You must trim plants to make it grow. While the whole foundation should be hidden, make sure the plantings don’t cover any doors or windows. Another good tip is to cover the apples with brown paper bags as the apples are growing. In a pot you know the compost is good quality and disease free. Legumes, I don’t know. Before you begin to move the shed know exactly where you are going to relocate it . On my meanderings, I scouted around for self-sown annual and biennial seedlings—angelica, nicotiana, Verbena bonariensis and others—to move into better spots ASAP. I believe there is a municipal compost available somewhere in my area, but not sure exactly where and someone told me their compost is awful so probably better to make my own, even if it takes a long time. DO YOUR BLUEBERRY bushes need some expert help to fruit better (or do you want to start growing some)? If you want to give the certificate alongside a physical gift, search out a holiday-themed miniature accessory. Robin pointed out that we have a dog who would spend all his time in said pond and we would never have a dry pet again. When my life slows down a little, I might have to give this one a try. “I try to get people thinking outside the canning jars,” says Theresa, who grows much of her family’s food on a mere one-tenth acre in the Los Angeles area (including a coop for a small flock of chickens). I FREEZE MANY HERBS, too, including parsley, rosemary and chives, or make them into pestos to freeze as well.

Water hoses can freeze! Even if you’d rather do the work yourself, a professional landscaper can be of great value to get initial ideas of what to do with your yard. “Begin with what is already working in your area and you might get a bit of mentoring from your neighbours as well, not to mention making new friends,” Darcey says. If there are trees within your garden, keep a check on them for the over-ripe fruits falling, they could attract pests and rodents which can be harmful to the plants plus your grassed area if you have any. After leaving the area of the Heian, you’ll venture into the Kamakura of the 13th and 14th centuries. Thinking outside the box for gardening containers, skips and dumpsters are a great free way of picking up suitable items. If you are confused between picking the right florists, then you can go for the recommendations. Jill at ThePrairieHomestead has compiled her recommendations based on her own personal gardening experiences. Bonsai may indeed be one of the most unique forms of container gardening. In planters or raised beds of container gardens, fuchsia plants can be trained into interesting espalier forms against a wall or fence where the space may be too narrow for other plants. Hang the wire loop over the top of the fence post. Alternatively, you can recycle clear plastic drinks bottles as plant covers or “cloches.” Simply cut a bottle in half using sharp scissors, then place the top half over your plant. Any upward pointing branches on a weeping plant should also be removed.

Be aware if you plant your pumpkins too early, they won’t make it until Halloween because they don’t last long and will get soft and rot before then. The new bee generation will emerge and get right to work. Part of me knows that a photographer can’t go too wrong with such a beautiful subject, but it is fun to work on different effects. It not only gives your garden a designer look, but also adds layer to your garden. Using plants that appeal to butterflies and small birds gives natural movement. This movement takes place throughout the soil pores. Fill the bed with a 50/50 mixture of planting soil and compost. You can put down a layer of weed cloth to keep weeds from popping up in your bed. Put the carrots into a cardboard box and pack dry sand around them. One other benefit of sand in potting soil is that sand is much heavier than any other ingredients thus the added weight is good for planters filled with tall and top-heavy plants. I move the second third of the soil from the next section of the bed onto this and mix together well. Working from the inside of the rainbow out, you can see which plants belong together and which should come next in each bed. It helps me think more realistically, and see how I can formulate my garden for next year. See our lists of rain garden plants for sun and shade for more planting ideas, below. A. And then I moved it just so it wouldn’t get any rain. Q. Before we get started, Kelly:’s one of those words I hear pronounced in two ways, as if the C in the middle is a K, and as if it’s an S. Which is right? It’s always a good idea to label your garden, especially if you’re out of town. Glazed pots and unglazed stoneware containers are waterproof, but terracotta pots are porous, so they can dry out fast and plants always require more frequent watering than waterproof pots.

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