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Remember accessibility is key and if you decide to put your garden up against a fence try making it only 3 feet wide so you don’t have to step on the garden. And because home vegetable gardening offers tasty food, it is vulnerable to animals such as dogs, deer, rabbit, etc. To prevent that, you make it sure that you are able to put fence around your garden to make it protected. Make this funky and fun DIY yard art dragonfly from old license plates and an old chair leg. Also check out our own post on how to hide ugly metal fence posts that we used in our own yard! Concept 2 is what this post is about: A Simple Bubble Fountain Made with Pots. And if you love colorful plants pots like these, check out some of the DIY Terrazzo Inspired Projects over at our sister site, OhMeOhMy! AFTERCARE: When happy with your creation, move it to a sunny warm spot to grow, undisturbed, while the cuttings fill in over the next month or so. One could have vegetable seeds for instance, while another holds seeds for annual flowers, and a third holds perennial flower seeds. The edible garden will decorate and improve the look of the area while making the space functional to produce your own food.

You’ll want about 90cm (3ft) of space around the table to accommodate chairs and people. Robinson also will share tips on how to make the most of garden space year-round. Here are some simple hints to make your garden bloom with health.1. Most of the time, plants are green, and it is their leaf form and foliage texture that are the “color” in your garden. Firmly secure canes or garden stakes into the ground so they will be able to support the considerable weight of fruit-laden plants and withstand sudden gusts of wind. Another option is to sow a wildflower mix onto empty ground. The third option for organic hydroponic fertilizer comes from a converted farmer that I spent a lot of time with as I learned the art of hydroponics. And they have a quality about them they makes you want to bake from scratch, buy organic and pour good wine. Wooden playhouses tend to cost slightly more and they are more difficult to construct (still easy as long as you have some basic DIY knowledge) but offer a much longer shelf life and are more durable. I feel a bit like that when it comes to the garden right now—like I wouldn’t mind if a rescue crew showed up to offer a helping hand. This should narrow down your options a bit.

Spring can be a good time to get started, as the warmer months help the compost rot down more quickly. And then, even more valuable time or targeted time is as it’s starting to decline a little bit, sort of the end of the season, when it’s going to pull all the chemical down into the roots. LACTO-FERMENTATION: It’s the rage, and not just among old hippie types who have—like their ancestors and their ancestors’ ancestors throughout history—been harnessing helpful bacteria to preserve food and make it distinctively tasty. If you visit my blog shown at the foot of this article I am giving away a report on how to make money from herb gardening as well as a f.r.e.e. On the other hand, you can save money by spending more time and effort by doing it yourself. They can learn to do almost anything, from cooking vegetables grown in a neighborhood garden to swinging from a trapeze. Using copper pipe to make a metal trellis: An arbor creates a dramatic entrance to garden, and there are a wide variety of garden arbors available in many styles and materials. However, rubber or stone mulch is difficult to remove, so those who use these materials ought to be sure that they do not want to make many adjustments in the near future.

Also, it is raised up to make sure someone who has knee issues (me) can take care of it. One very large pot can make a real statement, more so than two or three small pots. And protect transplants with upturned pots for a day or two until they settle in. 5. Pot on regularly- Aim to repot your houseplants into larger pots every two years or so. For the past couple of years my tomatoes havedeveloped a hard green center core with tendrels extending into the fruit. However, there are cultured dwarf trees which provide fruit in fewer years. Also using small trees in your perennial beds will help break a garden into rooms. Gaia’s Garden offers advice on how to catch and conserve water to make your garden more self-sustaining, as well as how to maintain soil fertility. Think I’ll make a lens about all my quandaries! We think you will also love our posts on Privacy With Plants and Shade Loving Plants That Bloom All Summer! Keeping the soil weed free will give plants an unfettered path up through the ground, and will avoid the possibility of root systems competing with weeds for nutrients. This allows you to provide an added layer of protection to your plants.


ONCE BEDS ARE CLEANED UP, topdress according to label directions with an all-natural organic fertilizer in areas that need it (based on soil test results), and a layer of finished compost everywhere. You can then see the results to gather ideas for your individual yard. Stay tuned to see what happens! For more rhubarb dishes, see our “ Best Rhubarb Recipes ” page! I always think of those as like those markings and, like you say, the things we can’t see on the flowers as those things. They can make visitors think there’s another route through to a different part of your garden. Tip: Make sure you already know where the plant is going to go when you bring it home… Bare root plants are great until they break dormancy, then you better hope they are in the ground already! BUT DON’T RUSH: Keep feet on mulch, stone or gravel paths—off the lawns and out of beds—if January thaws prove warm enough to soften the ground. It take many different measures in gardening than by just buying a plant and sticking it in the ground. Take some time and figure out what kinds of plants you’d like in your yard.

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