Are You Brave Enough?

Controlling crabgrass before it sets seed is important, because the seeds can remain viable for at least 3 years in soil. Years ago I recall reading upstate New Yorker Kathy Purdy’s frustration on her Cold Climate Gardening blog, and how she’d since learned about soil pH and its effect on winter aconites, as Eranthis are

Make Your Bed

If you have impossibly rocky soil or solid clay, consider building some raised beds that you can fill with good soil. Then fill with soil and plants. Dirt, soil, bricks and plants can be incredibly heavy. Tomatoes can be buried as deep as they will go where other things like peppers should remain at their

The Driftless Manifesto

It may be a back-breaking clay or it could be sandy stuff which always needs feeding and watering. Just keep adding organic matter to that hard clay soil and mulching. Free organic materials are the most overlooked resources by gardeners. Moving sales are also a good way to get high-quality materials for an economical price.

Benefits Of Artificial Grass

To vegetarians out there or people who simply enjoy salads, planting herbs like garlic chives, salad burnet, celery and rocket will be a good choice. And while most people do a great job of creating beautiful gardens within confined areas, balconies, rooftops, and courtyards, the greatest challenge is still in making small gardens feel larger